Putting People First

As we reflect on recently celebrating America’s independence and our values, I’m reminded of why I’m passionate about local government and local democracy, and why I want to represent you again.  

Local government is where we have our greatest voice.  It provides our essential needs of public safety, good streets, clean water, and energy; and it is what makes us a true community: our parks, libraries, vibrant downtowns, and community centers. 

The COVID emergency and its economic impacts have forced the city to make tough budget decisions. Last month, rather than merely moderating the pace of a record capital budget, the city chose to slash our city services and less visible, but vital, functions like code enforcement, parking management, and development oversight.

Cutting programs serving our public safety, youth, and seniors rather than modestly reducing record investments in capital projects seems counter to our community interests. Instead, by deferring some projects, re-bidding contracts, and curtailing raises, we can retain the services that define Palo Alto. That’s what I will do if elected. You can read more about my recommendations here.

Our community is where we raise our families, develop friendships, and support each other. My community values and background as a high-tech CEO, neighborhood, and environmental leader, and as a planning commissioner and council member, have given me the broad foundation to serve you well on City Council. 


I value listening to and working with residents and community organizations. I appreciate the importance of collaborating with the private sector, local and regional partners, and other governmental agencies to solve problems that impact us. I know how government works and how to make it work well for us.


I want to work with you to make Palo Alto financially sound, innovative, and environmentally sustainable so that we continue to be a welcoming and vibrant community.  I’d like to hear from you. Please email me at [email protected]


I need your help. This will be a tough campaign with other candidates taking large funds from special interests while I am declining any contributions from developers or unions. I am relying on your grass-roots support to wage a strong campaign, so please sign up to volunteer and contribute.


Thanks, Pat