Meet Pat

My wife, Sally, and I have been fortunate to raise our children in a community with good values, excellent neighborhoods and schools, and exceptional services. My parents were inspiring teachers who instilled in me a lifelong commitment to public service that led to my dedication to our community. My diverse experiences as a high-tech CEO, neighborhood and environmental leader, planning commissioner, council member, regional leader, and three-term mayor, have equipped me with the skills and commitment to serve you well.

When I returned to the City Council in 2021, I was determined to restore our public safety and other services that were cut drastically at the onset of COVID. I was also focused on reducing bureaucratic hurdles to make real progress on our affordable housing, renter protections, and climate protection, rather than just rhetoric. And, I believed that our council had become factionalized while deferring too much to city staff on decisions that should be made by elected officials. We’ve made significant progress and built momentum in these areas but we can’t let up now. I am determined to complete this work.  

This progress is a team effort. I value working with residents, community organizations, the private sector, and regional partners to address the issues that affect us.

I know how government works and how to make it work well for us.

“Pat is the consensus builder that we need today, locally and for the region. He listens to his colleagues and the community, knows the issues, and understands that the job of the City Council is to set policies and for the staff to administer them.” Ed Lauing, Palo Alto Vice Mayor

Your vote for City Council matters. Local government is what most impacts our daily lives, providing essential services like public safety, safe streets, clean water, and green energy. This is what makes Palo Alto an exceptional community, along with our great parks and libraries, community centers, and vibrant downtowns. It’s where we raise our families, develop friendships, and support each other. That’s why I am committed to serving us.

I want to continue to work for a community that is inclusive, innovative, sustainable, and fiscally sound. That’s why I want to represent you. I need your support.

Community & Leadership Experience

  Tech founder and CEO

  Regional, State, and National Environmental Leadership

• Santa Clara County Pollution Prevention Committee
• California EPA Pollution Prevention Task Force
• Vice-Chair, Sustainable San Mateo County
• California EPA Comparative Risk Project

  Neighborhood and Commission Leadership

• President, University South Neighborhoods Group
• Co-founder, Community Center Neighborhood Group
• Planning and Transportation Commission

  City Councilmember 2008-2016, 2020-2024, Mayor 2010,2016,2022

  • Chair, Finance Committee
  • Chair, Rail Committee
  • City/School Liaison Committee
  • Sustainability and Climate Action Committee
  • Retail Committee
  • Cubberley Committee
  • Stanford Committee

  Regional Leadership

  • Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Board Member and former Chair
  • Caltrain Director
  • Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) Director
  • Former Delegate to the California Democratic Convention



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