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Campaign Co-Chairs
Penny Ellson
Nadia Naik
Pat Markevitch, Former Chair, Palo Alto Parks and Recreation 
Honorary Campaign Chairs
Hon. Karen Holman, Board President MPROSD, Former Mayor of Palo Alto
Hon. Peter Drekmeier, Former Mayor of Palo Alto
Hon. Tom DuBois, Vice-Mayor, City of Palo Alto
Dr. Allan Seid, M.D., Founder of Asian American Community Involvement (AACI)
Elected and Public Officials
Josh Becker, Candidate for State Senate, District 13
Hon. Todd Collins, PAUSD Board Trustee 
Drew Combs, Vice-Mayor, City of Menlo Park
Dexter Dawes, Former Chair, Palo Alto Utilities Advisory Commission
Hon. Rick DeGolia, Former Mayor of Atherton
Hon. Shounak Dharap, PAUSD Board Trustee
Hon. Eric Filseth, Former Mayor, current Palo Alto City Council member
Jeff Greenfield, Chair, Palo Alto Parks and Recreation
Hon. Alison Hicks, Mountain View City Council member
Hon. Jerry Hill, Former California State Assembly Member, 24th District
Arthur Keller, Former Chair, Palo Alto Planning & Transportation Commission
Hon. Yoriko Kishimoto, President MPROSD, Former Mayor of Palo Alto
Hon. Larry Klein, Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto
Hon. Liz Kniss, Former SCCBOS Supervisor, Former Mayor of Palo Alto, current Council Member
Hon. Gary Kremen, District 1 Board Member, Santa Clara County Water District
Hon. Sally Lieber, Former State Assembly Member & Former Mayor of Mountain View
Hon. Julia Miller, Director, El Camino Healthcare District
Hon. Ray Mueller, Former Mayor & Current Menlo Park Council Member
Keith Reckdahl, Commissioner & Former Chair, Palo Alto Parks and Recreation
Ann Ravel, Former Chair, Federal Elections Committee, Former Chair, FPPC
Hon. Larry Stone, Santa Clara County tax assessor
Doria Summa, Commissioner, Palo Alto Planning & Transportation
Vicki Veenker, Director, CA Health Reform @Convergence Ctr for Policy Resolution
Lanie Wheeler, Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto
Community Supporters
Dudley Andersen
Elaine Andersen
Sara Armstrong
Fred Balin and Anne Lafargue Balin
Carla Befera
Sally Bemus
David Bower
Neilson Buchanan
Mark Chandler
David Coale
Kevin Coleman
Alan Cooper
Mike Danaher
Kathy Durham
Becky Epstein
Barbara Evans
Joe Evans
Rebecca Fox
Sheri Furman
Bruce Gee
Jeff Greenfield
Xenia Hammer
Kay Hays
Walt Hays
David Kennedy
Anthony Klein
Sheryl Klein
Iris Korol
Craig Lewis
Evan Lurie
Stepheny McGraw
Lynnie Melena
Debbie Mytels
Ullas Naik
Kevin Ohlson
Michael Pistillo
Brian Steen 
Bob Stefanski
Judith Steiner
Doria Summa
Jerry Underdal
Rita Wespi

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