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“Of all the candidates, former Mayor and Councilman Pat Burt is best equipped to pursue...policy and governance goals...Burt will be relentless in pushing for more transparency and responsiveness from city staff and better community outreach and engagement...He has never been afraid to voice concerns about city management and to push new and creative ideas.” Palo Alto Weekly Endorsement 10/2/2020

Read the full endorsement here and endorsement interview and video here.  

"Burt’s previous experience on the council during the Great Recession is invaluable...he has a history of being able to forge good compromises on the council.” Mercury News Endorsement 10/4/2020

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“Pat Burt is our first choice. We know he
is principled, well-informed, able to
make tough decisions, and effective.”
Daily Post 2020 Endorsement

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Honorary Campaign Chairs
Hon. Karen Holman, Board President MR Open Space, Former Mayor of Palo Alto
Hon. Peter Drekmeier, Former Mayor of Palo Alto and Acterra co-founder
Hon. Tom DuBois, Vice-Mayor, City of Palo Alto
Dr. Allan Seid, M.D., Founder of Asian American Community Involvement (AACI)
Elected and Public Officials
Hon. Ruben Abrica, Former Mayor and current City Council member, East Palo Alto
Jill Hoffspiegel Asher Co-Founder Magical Bridge
Hon. Jason Baker, Former Mayor, City of Campbell
Melissa Baten Caswell, Trustee, PAUSD
Josh Becker, Candidate for State Senate, District 13
Hon. David Casas, Former Los Altos Mayor
Clara Chang,  Board Chair, PACCC
Hon. Ron Collins, Mayor of San Carlos
Hon. Todd Collins, PAUSD Board President
Hon. Drew Combs, Vice-Mayor, City of Menlo Park
James Cook, Former Chair, Utilities Advisory Commission
Hon. Jim Cuneen, Former California State Assembly Member
Hon. Ken Dauber, PAUSD Board Trustee
Dexter Dawes, Former Chair, Palo Alto Utilities Advisory Commission
Hon. Rick DeGolia, Mayor, Atherton
Hon. Shounak Dharap, PAUSD Board Trustee
Claude Ezran, Former member Human Relations Commission 
Hon. Eric Filseth, Former Mayor, current Palo Alto City Council member
Hon. Pat Foster, Former East Palo Alto Mayor
Dan Garber, Former Chair, Planning & Transportation Commission
Przemek Gardias, Former Vice Chair, Planning & Transportation Commission
Hon. Lisa Yarbrough-Gauthier, Former Mayor, East Palo Alto
Jeff Greenfield, Chair, Palo Alto Parks and Recreation
Hon. Glenn Hendricks, Sunnyvale City Council & VTA Vice-Chair
Hon. Alison Hicks, Mountain View City Council member
Hon. Jerry Hill, California State Senator 13th District
Arthur Keller, Former Chair, Palo Alto Planning & Transportation Commission
Hon. Yoriko Kishimoto, Trustee MR Open Space, Former Mayor of Palo Alto
Hon. Barbara Klausner, Former PAUSD Board President
Hon. Larry Klein, Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto
Hon. Liz Kniss, Council Member, Former Mayor of Palo Alto, Former President SCC Board of Supervisors
Hon. Gary Kremen, District 1 Board Member, Santa Clara County Water District
Hon. Sam Liccardo, Mayor, City of San Jose
Hon. Sally Lieber, Former State Assembly Member & Former Mayor of Mountain View
Hon. Julia Miller, Director, El Camino Healthcare District
Hon. Larry Moody, Former Mayor & current City Council Member, East Palo Alto
Hon. Ray Mueller, Former Mayor & current City Council MemberMenlo Park 
Hon. Terry Nagel, Former Burlingame Mayor
Hon. Amado Padilla, Former PAUSD Board Trustee
Hon. Dave Pine, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
Ann Ravel, Former Chair, Federal Elections Committee, Former Chair, FPPC
Keith Reckdahl, Commissioner & Former Chair, Palo Alto Parks and Recreation
Hon. Carlos Romero, Vice Mayor, East Palo Alto
Hon. Larry Stone, Santa Clara County Assessor
Doria Summa, Commissioner, Palo Alto Planning & Transportation
Hon. Bruce Swenson, Former Trustee, Foothill-De Anza Community College District
Vicki Veenker, Director, CA Health Reform @Convergence Ctr for Policy Resolution
Olena Steciw Villareal, Founder and CEO Magical Bridge Foundation
Bob Wenzlau, President, Neighbors Abroad
Hon. Lanie Wheeler, Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto
Hon. Christine Wozniak, Former Mayor of Belmont
Campaign Co-Chairs
Penny Ellson
Nadia Naik
Pat Markevitch, Former Chair, Palo Alto Parks and Recreation 
Community Supporters
Dudley Andersen
Elaine Andersen
Anne Anderson
Linda Anderson
Sara Armstrong
Fred Balin and Ann Lafargue Balin
Peter Baltay
James Barbera
Cedric de La Beaujardiere
Carla Befera
Nina Bell
Sally Bemus
Keith Bennett
Steve Bisset
David Bower
Sonya Bradski
Neilson Buchanan
Tony Carrasco
Mark Chandler
Barbara Dunn Cherry
Enoch Choi
David Coale
Kevin Coleman
Alan Cooper
Lina Crane
Charlie Cullen
Jim Cuneen
Mike Danaher
Beth Delson
Sue Dinwiddie
Tricia Dolkas
Diane Doolittle
Albert Dorsky
Kathy Durham
Claire Elliott
Richard Ellson
Becky Epstein
Leif Erickson
Barbara Evans
Joe Evans
Rebecca Fox
Markus Fromherz
Sheri Furman
Bruce Gee
Annette Glanckopf
Kate Godfrey
Panos Goganos
Kathleen Goldfein
Xenia Hammer
Karen Harwell
Kay Hays
Walt Hays
Richard Hallsted & Pam Mayerfield
Margaret Heath
Bruce Hodge
Darel Hodgson
Erwin Hosono
Janice Hough
Tom Jordan
David Kennedy
Michael Killen
John King
Anthony Klein
June Klein
Sheryl Klein
Iris Korol
Linda Lenoir
Bob Lenox
Peter Levin
Craig Lewis
Eduardo Llach
Janelle London
Trina & Larry Lovercheck
Evan Lurie
Elke & Bruce MacGregor
Michael Martin
Stephanie Martinson
Stepheny McGraw
Barry Medoff
Lynnie Melena
Julia Miller
Debbie Mytels
Mark Nadim
Ullas Naik
Eric Nordman
Julie O'Grady
Kevin Ohlson
Christian Pease
Michael Pistillo
Penny Proctor
Heyward Robinson
Diane Rolfe
Bill Ross
Virginia Saldich
Tom Shannon
Alice Smith
Roger Smith
Susan Stansbury
Brian Steen 
Bob Stefanski
Judith Steiner
Samina Sundas
Sven Thesen
Terry Trumbull
Jerry Underdal
Lisa Voge-Levin
Keri Wagner
Tom Wagner
Rita Wespi
Alison Williams
Sidney Xu
Monica Yeung Arima
William Zhou


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