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Endorsed By:

Honorary Campaign Chairs
Jade Chao,Community Volunteer
Hon. Peter Drekmeier,Policy Director Tuolumne River Trust,Former Mayor of Palo Alto and Acterra co-founder
Hon. Karen Holman,Director, Midpen Open Space District, Former Mayor of Palo Alto
Elected and Public Officials
Hon. Josh Becker,CA State Senator
Hon. Paul Fong,Former California State Assembly Member
Hon. Sam Liccardo,Former Mayor City of San Jose
Hon. Matt Mahan,Mayor, City of San Jose
Hon. Cindy Chavez,Santa Clara County Supervisor
Hon. Otto Lee,Santa Clara County Supervisor
Hon. Joe Simitian, Santa Clara County Supervisor
Hon. Dave Pine,San Mateo County Supervisor 
Hon. Ray Mueller,San Mateo County Supervisor
Hon. Chappie Jones,Former Vice Mayor City of San Jose
Hon. Larry Klein,Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto
Hon. Eric Filseth,Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto
Hon. Ed Lauing, Vice Mayor Palo Alto
Hon. Lanie Wheeler,Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto
Hon. Rick Degolia,Former Mayor, Current Councilmember, Town of Atherton 
Hon. Sergio  Lopez,Vice Mayor, City of Campbell
Hon. Rod Sinks,Former Mayor, City of Cupertino
Hon. Carlos Romero ,Former Mayor, Current Councilmember, City of East Palo Alto
Hon. Lisa Gauthier,Councilmember and former Mayor, East Palo Alto
Hon. Neysa Fligor,Former Mayor, Current councilmember, City of Los Altos
Hon. Drew Combs,Former Mayor, Current Councilmember, City of Menlo Park
Hon. Gail Slocum,Former Mayor, City of Menlo Park
Hon. Yoriko Kishimoto,Director, Midpen Open Space District, Former Mayor of Palo Alto
Hon. Margaret Abe-Koga,Former Mayor, Current Councilmember City of Mountain View
Hon. Alison  Hicks,Councilmember and former Mayor, City of Mountain View
Hon. Todd Collins,PAUSD, Former Board President, Current Board Member
Hon. Terry Godfrey,Former Palo Alto Unified School Board President
Hon. Shana Segal,PAUSD School Board Vice President
Hon. Ron Collins,Councilmember and former Mayor, City of San Carlos
Hon. Devora "Dev" Davis ,Councilmember City of San Jose
Hon. Suds Jain,Councilmember City of Santa Clara
Pat Markevitch, Former Chair, Palo Alto Parks and Recreation 
Daryl Savage,Former Chair Current Member Human Relations Commission
Bryna Chang,Chair, Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commission
Keith Reckdahl, Vice Chair,Palo Alto Planning and Transportation, Former Chair, Parks and Recreation
Arthur Keller, Former Chair, Palo Alto Planning & Transportation Commission
Anne Cribbs,Former Chair, Palo Alto Parks and Recreation Commission
Dennis Burns,Former Police Chief, City of Palo Alto
Roger Smith,President, Palo Alto Police Foundation
Olenka Villareal, Founder, Magical Bridge Foundation
Campaign Co-Chairs
Jeannet Keissling
Nadia Naik
Community Supporters
Amy Adams
Elizabeth Alexis
Elaine Anderson
Scott Anderson
Dudley Anderson 
Sara  Armstrong
Becky Beacom
Jaime Beacom
Sonia Bradski
Sarah Burgess
Maico Campilongo
Tony Carrasco
Debra Chen
Enoch Choi
David Coale
Kevin Coleman
Nancy Coupal
Charlie Cullen
Cedric de La Beaujardiere 
Winter Dellenbach
Barbara Dunn
Kathy  Durham
Steve Emslie
Markus Fromherz
Hilary Gans
Caitlin Gjerdrum 
Annette  Glanckopf
Panos Gogonas
Rich Greene
Jeff Greenfield
Timothy  Gray
Marianna Grossman
Bob Harrington
Hamilton Hitchings
Gloria Hom
Bob Hoover
Janice Hough
Tony Hughes
Leanna Hunt
Shashank Joshi
Kurt Kelty
John King
Sheryl  Klein
Michelle Krauss 
Rob Levitsky
Craig Lewis
James Lynch 
Bruce McCleod
John McKenna
Phil Metz
Lori Meyers
Debbie Mytels
Julie O'Grady
Kevin Ohlson
Ajwang Rading
Rob Rennie
Steve Sabbag
Virginia  Saldich
Sam Savage
Cara Silver
Young Sohn
Brian Steen
Bob Stefanski
Lou Thompson
George Tyson

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