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My name is Pat Burt and I'm running for Palo Alto City Council.

These times demand experienced, principled, and capable leadership. Palo Alto needs and deserves engaged representatives who will steer our recovery through the effects of this pandemic while adhering to our core community values.

I’ve served for decades in various segments of our local government. I know how government works from the inside and how to make it work for us.

“Of all the candidates, former Mayor and Councilman Pat Burt is best equipped to pursue...policy and governance goals...Burt will be relentless in pushing for more transparency and responsiveness from city staff and better community outreach and engagement...He has never been afraid to voice concerns about city management and to push new and creative ideas.” Endorsement Palo Alto Weekly  (10/2/2020)

During my service on the Council from 2008-16, including two terms as Mayor, I built consensus to move forward solutions to thorny problems and helped lead the City through the challenges of the Great Recession. My experience as a planning commissioner, a neighborhood and environmental leader, and a local tech company founder has provided me with a strong, balanced foundation to serve all of our community in this critical time. We need leaders who will work together because the challenges we now face are more important than political divisions that might impede our recovery.

Pat Burt is our first choice… we know he is principled, well-informed, able to make tough decisions and effective” Palo Alto Daily Post (September 21, 2020)

Strong experience comes from managing through both good and bad times. During the Great Recession I was able to:

  Make government more efficient and effective through difficult times: I focused on a recovery plan that maintained valued city services, drove pension reform, developed a road map for overdue capital investment, and invigorated partnerships with residents, businesses, and other government agencies to leverage community resources. We can do that again.

  Improve our exceptional quality of life for all: I led in balancing job growth with new housing, created affordable housing, and focused on investing in streets, bikeways, parks, libraries, and community facilities. Acting on our values is now more important than ever to create opportunities for the diversity of people that healthy communities need to thrive.

  Strengthen our preparedness and protect our environment: I focused on making Palo Alto a model of climate protection with low-cost, 100% clean energy while supporting a vibrant economy. I led the city’s efforts on emergency preparedness and chaired the regional agency providing overdue flood protection. I will continue to focus on resiliency and preparing for our ever-changing environment. 

  Build consensus to build momentum. During these turbulent times, we must come together to solve our problems. I have a demonstrated record of engaging and collaborating with residents, businesses, and community partners to innovate successfully and bring our community back to prosperity, and I’d like to do it again. 

I see a path to make Palo Alto a fiscally sound, innovative, and environmentally sustainable community that is welcoming, just, vibrant, and inclusive. That is why I want to represent you.  

I am Pat Burt. Please support my return to City Council.

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