A Healthy Balance

Housing, Jobs, Transportation, and Services

After over 20 years as a neighborhood leader, Planning & Transportation Commissioner, City Council Member (2008-16) and Mayor, I have continued to work on community issues as a private citizen - better transportation, renter protections and supporting affordable housing, while opposing state legislation designed to eliminate key local zoning decision making.  I recently led a citizen group supporting a business tax, similar to ones other  Bay Area cities already have, so that big businesses and developers would pay their fair share toward traffic relief, affordable housing, and railroad grade separations.

I value a consensus-style of leadership, engaging and understanding different perspectives to forge innovative solutions that guide balanced planning, infrastructure investments, transportation, and to build the political support needed to get things done.

Burt distinguished himself as mayor in 2010. As a council member he is always well-prepared and puts his nine years of Planning Commission experience to good use. He is an effective leader.”  – (Palo Alto Weekly 2012)

I understand how to make government work for us to sustain a strong and healthy community. If elected, I will focus on: 

Prioritizing balanced, thoughtful growth. Balancing jobs, housing, and transportation improvements to meet the diverse needs of people who make up a strong and healthy community that is welcoming to all: teachers, nurses, social service providers, emergency responders, and others. 

“Pat is passionate about the issues that affect Palo Alto and the Peninsula. His keen insights and zealous advocacy have made him an important voice for our community with regional and state policymakers.” State Senator Jerry Hill

Encouraging small and medium-sized businesses and helping them flourish while assuring that big companies bear their fair share of mitigating the impacts of their workforces. Palo Alto is not a city defined by a few big companies, it’s a community of neighborhoods, schools and community services, and a business ecosystem nurturing new, innovative technologies.

Continue our commitment to walkable, bikeable neighborhoods, and a more transit-rich environment to reduce congestion, noise, and carbon emissions.

Palo Alto didn’t become the liveable city it is by chance. Long-term planning designed neighborhoods with a mixture of housing types around community centers, schools, shopping centers, parks, and libraries, connecting residents to these facilities with tree-lined streets, sidewalks, and bike lanes. I want our community to always be one of welcoming and vibrant neighborhoods.

A Balanced, Sustainable Community and Quality of Life. For a city to be economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable, its growth must be balanced. Housing for a range of incomes, schools, parks,  public safety, and local services must keep up with job and population increases. Feverish growth, focused too much on one industry by a few big companies as our region has experienced in recent years, is not sustainable over the long run. A healthy economy isn’t measured by high rents developers can command for office space during boom periods. 

Navigating challenges from the emerging COVID recession is our focus today, but we will soon need to move forward on land use and transportation issues. We must pursue a balance of job growth with new housing and transportation improvements for everyone who makes up a healthy community - our teachers, nurses, social service providers, police, shopkeepers, and others. And, we must assure that we build on the qualities that attracted us to our community.  

I hope you share my vision of our community and will support me.