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Thanks for your interest in Pat's campaign. Please join us to ensure success at the polls on November 6th.

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Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

After four years serving Palo Alto as a City Council member and mayor, my passion for our special community is as strong as ever.

In my first term on the Council, while the city faced a severe economic downturn, I led by: 

  • Making our government more efficient and effective.  I focused on reforming our pension and benefit obligations and reducing the number of city workers in our general fund by 13% — without layoffs — while maintaining our high level of services. Our staff has become more innovative, streamlined and agile and has increased efficiency through adopting new technologies. We have managed to do more with less. 
  • Protecting and improving our exceptional quality of life. I negotiated a well-considered development agreement for renovating the Stanford hospitals and I advocated for a responsible rail plan that safeguards our community. We have improved our city services and increased investment in our streets, bikeways, parks, libraries and facilities.  

I have also collaborated with community partners to provide what’s exceptional in Palo Alto, even during very challenging times for cities everywhere. These partnerships have helped us to leverage our resources by playing critical roles in rebuilding our libraries, parks and facilities, preparing us for emergencies and building a more sustainable community. Thank you to all who have contributed in making our community better.

I am committed to continue my leadership in making our city government more innovative, efficient, better prepared for the future, more fiscally sound for the long term and a model of an environmentally sustainable, dynamic local economy.  

I would greatly value your help through a contribution, an endorsement, displaying a lawn sign, walking a precinct, and letting your friends know about the importance of voting. You can make a difference on November 6.  

I look forward to seeing you and hearing your thoughts.

Thank you for your support,



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Palo Alto Weekly

California League of Conservation Voters, Santa Clara County Chapter

Democratic Activists for Women Now

Santa Clara County Democratic Party

The Sierra Club

Honorary Co-Chair

Hon.Yiaway Yeh, Mayor

Hon.Rich Gordon, Assemblyman 21st District

Hon.Lanie Wheeler, Former Mayor

Hon. Greg Scharff, Vice Mayor

Elected Officials

Hon. Joe Simitian, State Senator 11th District

Hon. Ira Ruskin, Former Assemblyman 21st District

Hon. Jerry Hill, Assemblyman 19th District

Hon.Judy Kleinberg, Former Mayor

Hon. Larry Klein, Councilmember and Former Mayor

Hon.Barbara Klausner,  PAUSD School Board Trustee

Hon. Melissa Baten Caswell, PAUSD School Board Trustee

Hon. Dana Tom, PAUSD School Board Trustee

Hon. Betsy Bechtel, Trustee at Foothill De Anza Community College District

Hon. Paul Fong, Assemblyman 22nd District

Hon. Nancy Shepherd, Councilmember

Hon. Sid Espinosa, Councilmember and Former Mayor

Hon.Yoriko Kishimoto, Director Open Space District, Former Mayor

Hon. Walt Hays, Former Councilmember San Jose                

Hon. Kelly Fergusson, Councilmember Menlo Park

Hon. Susie Richardson, Former PAUSD School Board Trustee

Hon. Cathy Kroymann, Former PAUSD School Board Trustee

Hon. Karen Holman, Councilmember

Hon. Val Carpenter, Mayor Los Altos

Hon. David Casas, Former Mayor Los Altos

Advisory Committee

Pat Markevitch

Annette Glanckopf

Jon Foster

Carroll Harrington

Iris Korol

Penny Ellson

Brian Steen

Janice Hough

John Kelley

Len Filppu

Carl King

Asher Waldfogel

Chris Melvin

Owen Byrd

Community Leaders

Rita Agazwala

Steve Albertolle

Anne Anderson

Sara Armstrong

James Baer

George Bechtel

Sally Bemus

Darrell Benatar

Carolyn Brown-Digovich

Maureen Buckley

Wileta Burch

Lee Caswell

Dexter Dawes

Cedric de La Beaujardiere

Ric Denman

Annette DeStefano

Joe DeStefano

Leif Erickson

Claude Ezran

Megan Fogarty

Sheri Furman

Hilary Gans

Dan Garber

Annette Glanckopf

Anthony Glaves

David Greene

John Hackmann

Bob Harrington

John Harrington

Margie Harrington

Mark Harris

Wynn Hausser

Kay Hays

Doug Hohbach

Erwin Hosono

Mary Hughes

June Klein

Lydia Kou

Ed Lauing

Craig Lewis

Casey McGlynn

Stepheny McGraw

Bruce McLeod

Lynnie Melena

Margaret Miller

Debbie Mytels

Nadia Naik

Darren Neuman

Geoffrey Nicholls

Erika Papakipos

Michael Rantz

Susan Rosenberg

Diane Rolfe

Joe Rolfe

Stephen Rosenblum

Sam Savage

Rosemary Schmele

Naomi Seidcronkite

Sandra Slater

Alice Smith

Roger Smith

Bob Stefanski

Valerie Stinger

Martin Stone

Cynthia Swenson

Greg Tanaka

Anna Thayer

Sven Thesen

Lynn Torin

Linda van Gelder

Joe Villareal

Olenka Villarreal

Karen White

Elliott Wright



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